seminar 2

กิจกรรม Brain science seminar ครั้งที่ 2 หัวข้อ “User experience in interactive media and cognitive science”

เอกสารประกอบการอบรม UX-InteractiveMedia วิดีโอย้อนหลัง Part 1 : Goal, What is user experience (UX) Part 2 : Crossword study Part 3 : MU.EF website Part 4 : Heuristics evaluation Part 5 : Covid-19 Part 6 : Conclusion

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Why can’t we stop putting things off?

PDF download > Do you ever wonder why you keep putting things off? What is the usefulness of this procrastination tendency, if any? Rather than blaming yourself for succumbing to laziness, could there be underlying brain mechanisms that explain why some people are more prone to procrastination than others? And with this understanding, do…


Frontal theta is a signature of successful working memory manipulation

Authors : Sirawaj Itthipuripat, Jan R Wessel, Adam R Aron Publication date : 2013/1 Journal : Experimental Brain Research Volume : 224 Issue : 2 Pages : 255-262 Publisher : Springer-Verlag Abstract It has been proposed that working memory (WM) is updated/manipulated via a fronto-basal-ganglia circuit. One way that this could happen is via the…