Item Response Theory

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As an assessment method based on a constructivist approach, peer assessment has become popular in recent years. However, in peer assessment, a problem remains that reliability depends on the rater characteristics. For this reason, some item response models that incorporate rater parameters have been proposed. Those models are expected to improve the reliability if the model parameters can be estimated accurately. However, when applying them to actual peer assessment, the parameter estimation accuracy would be reduced for the following reasons. 1) The number of rater parameters increases with two or more times the number of raters because the models include higher-dimensional rater parameters. 2) The accuracy of parameter estimation from sparse peer assessment data depends strongly on hand-tuning parameters, called hyperparameters. To solve these problems, this article presents a proposal of a new item response model for peer assessment that incorporates rater parameters to maintain as few rater parameters as possible. Furthermore, this article presents a proposal of a parameter estimation method using a hierarchical Bayes model for the proposed model that can learn the hyperparameters from data. Finally, this article describes the effectiveness of the proposed method using results obtained from a simulation and actual data experiments.