6+1 Flagship track 1

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Chair – Vice president of academic affair. In the past  – Ajarn Bundit try to fine tune of OBE by communication. Normally, 6+1 flagship is around 3 times. The theme is the quality of teaching and learning. Ajarn Suwit told that C4ED did the roadshow many faculties except the FIBO and FIET. Instruction designer to facilitate the instructors.

Issue for brainstorm

1. The management of fundamental subjects from GENEDU, Science and English.

2. Students are weak in fundamental science.

3. No one takes care T.A. (Training T.A. : Practice school has a how-to.)

4. Large classroom having the problem of assessing students.

Transient management – the management in the transit of educational shift.

Learning outcomes of science in the program level and the class level are the same.  Faculty should use more formative assessment in classroom. How to measure the learning outcome and which levels? At the beginning, GEO starts with the placement test with math, physics and chemistry. GEO uses students from Horner class to train the weak students. Ajarn Krissanpong said the weak students may not good in manipulation and thinking skill. Many students know the manipulation but not the thinking skill. Ajarn Kitidek said that we might need to plan for students. We have one month to do the tutorial before starting the semester. Students complaint that they do not know why they need to learn Physics. Ajarn Kittidek said that we need to link the content to the real life and reduce some courses. Ajarn Suwit told if we have a good assessment, we can probe the problem. Ajarn Krisanapong told us that we should have an expectation of outcome before coming to the university.

Understanding the basic science – we cannot reduce the subject since we may not know what we happen in the future career of science. Just only the example may be different. Ajarn Teeradek said that Engineer’s requirement of science fundamental is not the same.

In final, the meeting agrees to do the learning outcome from science and share with the faculties.