Do No Harm by Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh

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  1. He confessed to a lot of medical errors, some very serious.
    1. He said most errors are from the planning stage: the decision to operate or to cut the tumor out in certain areas.
    2. Errors from slips (cutting the wrong wire accidentally) are rare.
  2. He debated the decision to operate after a serious brain accident.
    1. For doctors, it’s always easier, and safer for them, to decide to operate.
    2. Not operating means a lot of explaining and a lot of second-guessing, sleepless nights, and what-ifs.
  3. Two kinds of tumors in the brain: the real one (nasty) and the one on the lining of brain (easy).
  4. Brains cannot feel pain!!! But all pains on your body are felt by the brain. What!?!!
  5. ผ่าตัดโดยใช้ยาชา ดีกว่ายาสลบ
    1. หมอสามารถสั่งให้คนไข้ลองขยับแขนขาได้ จะได้ดูว่าทำอะไรพังไปแล้วบ้างหรือยัง
    2. คนไข้ประมาณ 40% (?) ขอดู live video ของสมองตัวเอง
    3. Somebody has seen his/her own visual cortex. Recursive vision. Mind blown. Whoa!


  1. Neurosurgeon Reflects On The ‘Awe And Mystery’ Of The Brain
    May 26, 2015 on Fresh Air
  2. The book: Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery
    by Henry Marsh